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Thac Giang Dien

From Bien Hoa city along Highway 1A goes about 15km north, tourists will come to a commune Giang Dien, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai. On the surface, where it seemed not rich like other lands, but hidden in his nature a very beautiful.thac giang dien vietnam tours

A majestic waterfalls rival those in Dalat Cam Ly waterfall, pouring water all year round, including the dry season, has existed for years between fields of corn, rice, tapioca. That’s the Giang Dien waterfall, a new eco-resort was first built in recent years, attracted visitors from near and far.

Giang Dien Waterfall is a collection of three waterfalls: He extraction, and exploitation of mining She Giang Dien. According to village elders in the area said: The land where ancient peoples lived. On it are the couple in love but do not get together to have committed suicide this spring, was born two waterfalls He and She (also called extraction times). infomation vietnam tours eco

Since the three operators on, visitors to the waterfall shower will be, heard little cup and ring springs waterfall roaring in the midst of immense grandeur.

Along the waterfall, large and small rocks piled on each other as the background for the tree with purple flowering water wheel off each of the spring. Suspension bridge named Mimosa emerged as a focal point between the grassland, wild flower interesting, will take visitors from the main waterfall to waterfall area for the water is clear, a waterfall will create a virtual sense harmony with nature. infomation vietnam tours eco

Along with trust, this place is adorned with colorful flowers to create a romantic setting, attractive. Dirt roads like a pink ribbon winding the spring fare will take visitors to visit the U.S. Department named the farm. Here, the consecutive small garden designed with unspoiled natural scenery, trees, lakes, surrounded by mesh fencing, but inside is a whole world of creatures such as salamanders, Shrimp period, he hiu, toad, clone, mountain lizards, snakes act … infomation vietnam tours eco

Most impressive mountain scorpion cage. The uncle naked black scorpion venom always pricked sharp menacing activities of the visitors. The resort also has lakes than 2 hectares wide variety of fish released, this is the place to relax for tourists who prefer to fish.

Road to Giang Dien waterfall resort
There are also shady grove of trees with rows of chairs, hammocks, tents to stay competitive leg after a visit. Besides the odd farm, orchid garden and forest scenes full of trees, tourists are attracted by a variety of architecture has a somewhat classical Roman style look while looking people. That’s the way the resort is paved and cover the entire stone, the hut with the architecture of the nation, the flower truss climbing around, restaurants, bars, tennis thac giang dien vietnam tours

With ticket prices the same class all the time VND 20,000 / ticket, travelers favored sightseeing area waterfall, waterfall shower, visit the U.S. Farm Bureau and the panoramic of the orchid and ornamental trees along stretches of natural majestic. It was also appropriate for the organization of camping, campfire of students to the resort. There is also the preferred mode, incentives like a 20% discount on group tickets for 20 people and 25% for travel companies. The occasion of International Children 1-6, Autumn … Full tickets are free for those children. infomation vietnam tours eco

With incentives on many items are under construction such as restaurants Hoang Yen has facilities for conferences and seminars; the study of reptiles for students of universities and scientists ; combination tours between nature and tradition introduced … In the near future, Giang Dien will become one of the major tourist areas in Dong Nai province and in the Southeast, located in Dong Nai tour of war zones such as D, Dong Nai, Tan Trieu pomelo village , Buu Long tourist … infomation vietnam tours eco


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